Sulphur 80 WDG Manufacturer

Sulphur 80 WDG Manufacturer

With remarkably low toxicity levels, sulphur WDG is a wetted fungicide, insecticide, and miticide that can be utilised in organic gardening. It is used to manage mites and several fungal diseases, such as brown rot, rust, and powdery mildew. It is most appropriate for most plants, including fruits, vegetables, vines, and decorative plants, among many others. It can be administered up to harvest, with the exception of wine grapes. 

Benefits of sulphur WDG 

Here are the benefits of using sulphur WDG –

  • Integrated pest management methods and sulphur-based WDG are frequently used together to lessen the need for chemical pesticides. 
  • When sprayed, sulphur WDG can contribute to soil acidity. It can improve soil fertility and foster an environment that is more conducive to absorbing nutrients.
  • Sulphur WDG gives plants a supply of sulphur, which helps in the production of vital proteins and amino acids. This enhances crop quality and fosters general plant health.

Specification for Sulphur WDG

Active IngredientSulphur% w/w
Typical Concentration70-80%% w/w
AppearanceLight brown, yellow or pale white free-flowing granules
Particle SizeMicronized (usually ≤ 500 µm)µm
Bulk Density400-600 kg/m³kg/m³
Solubility in WaterDisperses readilyg/L
pH of Aqueous Solution5.5-7.0
Mode of ActionContact fungicide and miticide
Spectrum of ActivityBroad-spectrum, effective against powdery mildew, scab, leaf spots, and some mites
Crop ApplicationsGrapes, mangoes, apples, cumin, cowpea, peas, vegetables, turfgrasses

Specification may vary depending manufacturers

Buoyancy General Trading LLC outsources sulphur WDG from the premium WDG manufacturer in the UAE. Thus, we can ensure that our products will give better results to all the users. 


Q1. Can sulphur fungus?

Ans. Sulphur kills fungi on contact. However, the way sulphur works is not understood yet. 

Q2. What plants like sulphur?

Ans. Here are some plants that like sulphur- –

  • Oilseeds 
  • Legumes
  • Crucifers 
  • Root crops 
  • Grain sorghum (milo)

Q3. Can sulphur burn plants?

Ans. Sulphur dioxide is the gas that is produced when sulphur is burnt. When gas and moisture combine on plants, it creates an acid that can harm plant leaves.