Brief Introduction

When it comes to the export of various industry-related chemicals such as soda ash, caustic soda, or powder sulfur for the rubber industry , our clients always remember us for making the purchase. These chemicals play a vital role in the manufacturing of several industrial end-products. With our almost two decades of experience in various industries and being located in the hub of petroleum, Buoyancy General Trading LLC has been able to expertise exports of different types of fuels like diesel 10ppm, also known as EN590, recycled base oils used in diesel and lubricant manufacturing, and exports of furnace oils or fuel oil.
We have a dedicated department for providing our clients with high-quality products at competitive prices and possessing excellent relationships with local manufacturers, enabling us to cover a wide range of fuels. Our team of experts has established an extensive network of refineries, re-exporters, stockists, and logistics partners to ensure that our clients receive their products on time, every time.
Our commitment to quality, service, and sustainability makes us the preferred choice of customers worldwide.