MHO Exporters in UAE

MHO Exporters in UAE

Mixed hydrocarbon oil is a combination of different hydrocarbon derivatives that are obtained from petroleum refining. These constituents may comprise lighter fractions such as naphtha and heavier ones like petrol oil, resulting in a particular range of viscosity and density. 

These petroleum fractions are blended during the production process in ratios that are required for desired qualities. Distillation is one of the refining procedures that separates crude oil into its constituent parts. Some of these components are then blended to form mixed hydrocarbon oil.

Specifications of MHO 

PropertyTypical RangeUnits
Density0.78 – 0.82g/cm³
Viscosity5 – 50cSt (at 40°C)
Flash Point35 – 150°C
Boiling Point Range150 – 350°C
Aromatics Content5 – 30%
Sulphur Content< 1%

What are the Uses of MHO?

Mixed Hydrocarbon Oil is versatile and is used in different sectors. Here are a few of its main applications – 

  • Raw Material: It serves as an input for the manufacturing of a wide range of goods, including lubricants, aluminium rolling oils, and printing inks.
  • Fuel Oil: Furnaces and boilers can run on heavier fractions as fuel.
  • Solvent: It is helpful for cleaning and degreasing jobs because of its capacity to dissolve some materials.
  • Dust Control: Its viscosity allows it to be sprayed on coal stacks and roadways to reduce the dust production.
  • Rubber Industry: It improves the flexibility and workability of rubber by acting as a plasticizer.

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Q1. What risks do mixed hydrocarbon oils pose?

Ans. Mixed hydrocarbon oils have the potential to burn and irritate the skin. Hence, it is crucial to handle them carefully and wear the proper protective gear, such as goggles and gloves.

Q2. How to dispose of mixed hydrocarbon oils?

Ans. It is not appropriate to dispose of mixed hydrocarbon oils in the garbage or down the drain. They must be brought to a facility that disposes of hazardous garbage.

Q3. What effects do mixed hydrocarbon oils have on the environment?

Ans. If mixed hydrocarbon oils are not disposed of correctly, they may harm the environment. Also, they can hurt wildlife and contaminate soil and water.