Bentonite 90% Exporters

February 15, 2024

Bentonite 90% Exporters

A concentrated clay form with at least 90% pure bentonite minerals is called bentonite 90%. Bentonite 90% is a versatile material with a wide range of uses because these minerals are well known for their strong swelling and absorption capabilities. They are frequently used as a soil supplement in agriculture, in foundry moulds for heat resistance, and in drilling mud to stabilise boreholes.
Moreover, it works well for waterproofing and sealing due to its swelling properties. Also, Bentonite’s 90% unique composition and processing can further customise its qualities for even more particular uses.

What are the Types of Bentonite 90%?

  • Sodium Bentonite: As sodium ions are present between the clay layers, this form of bentonite is well-known for having a high swelling capacity. It is frequently used as a clarifying agent, sealer, and in drilling muds.
  • Calcium Bentonite: As it contains calcium ions instead of sodium bentonite, calcium bentonite has less swelling qualities. It is frequently used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and animal feed as an absorbent and detoxifying agent.
  • Organophilic Bentonite: These are the bentonite treated with organic compounds to make it compatible with non-polar liquids such as oils and greases. It is a component of drilling mud used in gas and oil exploration.
  • Acid-Activated Bentonite: This form of bentonite is treated with acids to improve its surface area and absorption capacity. It serves as a catalyst, bleaching agent, and clarifying agent in various industrial processes.

What are the Uses of Bentonite 90%?

  • Foundry Moulding: Bentonite 90% is used in metal casting as a refractory and binder material in foundry moulds. It aids in the casting process by helping to maintain high temperatures and make exact shapes.
  • Agriculture: Bentonite 90% is used in agriculture for various purposes. By promoting nutrient adsorption and water retention, it can enhance the quality of the soil. It can also be utilised as a pesticide and fertiliser carrier.
  • Drilling Mud: Bentonite 90% is essential to drilling muds in the oil and gas sector. Its great swelling capability keeps wellbore stability and stops fluid loss by sealing porous rock formations. 
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