Biggest Base Oil Supplier in UAE

Biggest Base Oil Supplier in UAE

Base oil is the fundamental component in all lubricants, which makes them an essential element in various industries. It constitutes 90% of the total lubricant, and the remaining 10% are the additives. The performance and quality of the base oil is determined based on the following factors –

  • Sulphur level
  • Viscosity level
  • Saturation level

Specification of Base Oil

FeatureDescriptionGroupsTest Method
AppearanceColourless to amber liquidI, II, III, IVVisual
OdourSlight hydrocarbon odourI, II, III, IVSensory
ViscosityResistance to flow (measured at 40°C and 100°C)I, II, III, IVASTM D445
Viscosity Index (VI)Change in viscosity with temperatureI (80-120), II (80-120), III (>120), IV (High)ASTM D2270
DensityMass per unit volumeI, II, III, IVASTM D4052
Pour PointLowest temperature at which oil flowsI, II, III, IVASTM D97
Flash PointLowest temperature at which oil vapours igniteI, II, III, IVASTM D92
Sulphur ContentPercentage of sulphurI (>0.03%), II (<0.03%), III (<0.03%), IV (Very low)ASTM D2622
Saturation LevelPercentage of saturated hydrocarbonsI (<90%), II (>90%), III (>90%), IV (100%)ASTM D2786
API GroupClassification based on propertiesI, II, III, IV, VAPI 1509

Specification may vary depending on the manufacturers and the source.

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Q1. How much oil does the UAE produce on average?

Ans. Abu Dhabi produces an average of 3.2 million barrels of oil (petroleum and other liquids) per day. 

Q2. Is base oil from fuel oil?

Ans. Base oil is not derived from fuel oil. They are blendstocks used to formulate various lubricating oils used in engines and other machinery. 

Q3. Is hydraulic oil a base oil?

Ans. Hydraulic oil consists of 99% base oil and 1% of additives (the numbers may vary depending on the manufacturer and the products used).