Diesel Suppliers in UAE

Diesel Suppliers in UAE

Diesel fuel is made from crude oil. It is a mixture of hydrocarbons in which carbon and hydrogen atoms are arranged in chains that usually have between nine and twenty-five carbon atoms. Diesel fuel ignites spontaneously due to the tremendous pressure and heat produced within a diesel engine. There are several types of diesel – from 4D diesel, which is used in factories and agriculture, to 1D diesel, which is helpful for vehicles during winter. This is because 1D has the lowest viscosity and pour point. 

What are the Benefits of Using Diesel?

Here are some of the benefits of using diesel fuel –

  • Diesel engines frequently have a 25–30% higher fuel economy than petrol.
  • When compared to their gasoline-powered equivalents, modern diesel engines with sophisticated pollution control systems can actually generate lower amounts of pollutants like NOx and PM.
  • Diesel engines are perfect for transporting equipment, towing huge loads, and navigating difficult terrain since they provide a lot more torque.

Specification of Diesel

SpecificationImportanceTypical Range
Cetane NumberIgnition quality (higher = faster ignition)40-55
DensityFuel weight per unit volume (affects engine performance)820-845 kg/m³
Sulfur ContentEmissions and engine lubrication (lower = cleaner burning)<10 ppm
Flash PointMinimum temperature at which vapors ignite (safety measure)55°C+
Distillation TemperatureBoiling point range of fuel components (affects engine performance and cold weather starting)150-350°C

The specification may vary depending on the diesel suppliers in UAE


Q1. What is regular sulphur diesel fuel?

Ans. Regular sulphur diesel is used for off-road applications such as – marine, rail, agriculture, and construction. 

Q2. Does diesel consume less fuel?

Ans. Yes. This is because diesel is more combustible than petrol. Therefore, less energy is required to generate the same power.

Q3. Is diesel flammable?

Ans. Diesel has very low vapour pressure. Hence, it is considered combustible and is not reactive.