Group 2 Base Oil N70, N110, N150, N230, N500

February 15, 2024

Group 2 Base Oil N70, N110, N150, N230, N500

Group II base oils are created using a hydrotreating process to replace the traditional solvent-refining process. Hydrogen gas is used to remove undesirable components from crude oil using a process called hydrocracking. This results in a clear, colourless base oil with few sulphur nitrogen or ring structures.

What are the Types of Group II Base Oil?

The two primary kinds of Group II base oils are as follows – 

  1. Group II Base Oil: 
  • This is the typical Group 2 base oil, with less than 0.03% sulphur and above 90% saturates.
  • It has strong viscosity stability over a broad temperature range with a viscosity index (VI) of 80 to 120.
  • Compared to Group I oils, Group II base oil performs better in oxidation resistance, volatility, and wear avoidance.
  1. Group II “Plus” Base Oil: 
  • This subset of Group II usually has a VI of 115 or higher.
  • Although not all organisations formally recognise it as a distinct category, its enhanced VI provides extra advantages in some applications.
  • Group II “Plus” base oil prolongs oil life and performance under harsh circumstances by offering even greater resistance to oxidation and volatility.
  • High-performance synthetic mixes and entirely synthetic motor oils are its main applications.

What are the Uses of Group II Base Oils?

  • Group II oils are more resistant to breaking down at high temperatures by nature. Longer oil life, less sludge development, and better engine protection against hazardous deposits result from this.
  • They are less volatile than Group I oils, which minimises evaporation loss and lessens the need for frequent top-ups. Cost reductions and environmental advantages result from this.
  • These oils’ natural lubricating qualities offer engine parts superior wear protection. Doing this decreases wear and friction, thus prolonging engine life and preserving peak performance.
  • At low temperatures, Group II oils have better flow properties. In cold weather, this guarantees simpler engine starting and lubrication, reducing wear and tear in the early stages.

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