Oman Urea Exporters

 Oman Urea Exporters

Being a nitrogen-rich substance, it is a crucial crop fertiliser and the primary ingredient in the creation of numerous consumer products, including adhesives, resins, and plastics. 

Urea, a white, crystalline solid, is frequently used as a source of nitrogen in the agriculture sector to encourage plant development. Urea is used as a raw ingredient in the manufacturing industry to make a number of industrial chemicals, such as melamine, which is used to make adhesives and laminates. 

What are the Uses of Urea?

Urea is mainly used as a fertiliser and feed supplement to support healthy growth and milk production and as raw material for the manufacture of plastics and drugs.- 

  • Used as a stabiliser in specific explosive
  • Production of creams used in treating eczema and psoriasis
  • Manufacturing of common plastics like water bottles and combs

Specifications of Urea

FeatureFertiliser GradeIndustrial GradePharmaceutical Grade
Nitrogen Content46% ± 0.5% (min.)≥ 98.0%≥ 99.5%
Moisture Content≤ 0.5%≤ 0.1%≤ 0.1%
Biuret Content≤ 1.0%N/AN/A
Bulk Density0.8-1.0 g/cm³0.85-1.05 g/cm³0.9-1.1 g/cm³
Solubility in Water (20°C)108 g/100 mL110 g/100 mL115 g/100 mL
pH (5% solution)7.0-9.06.5-8.57.0-8.0
Formaldehyde Content≤ 0.55%≤ 0.1%≤ 0.05%
Iron Content≤ 10 ppm≤ 5 ppm≤ 1 ppm

Note – The specification may vary depending on the manufacturers and producers. 

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Q1. Is urea harmful to the ecosystem? 

Ans. Although excessive urea fertilisation is beneficial to agriculture, it can contaminate water with nitrates. 

Q2. Urea is merely urine waste, right? 

Ans. Urine contains urea; however, most urea is produced commercially from ammonia and carbon dioxide. Hence, the fertiliser isn’t coming from the bathroom. 

Q3. Can I produce urea at home on my own? 

Ans. Although the industrial method needs specialised equipment, you can produce urea crystals on a small scale using DIY kits. But always put safety first and pay close attention to directions.